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1111 No. Hwy. 25, Buffalo   


Thrift Store

205 5th St NE, Buffalo  


Mailing address

Box 368, Buffalo, MN  55313

Support Group

"Why I Give to Love INC: When my daughter introduced me to Love INC, I was intrigued by the concept: Bringing people with specific needs together with those with the resources to fulfill those needs, seemed like a down-to-earth manifestation of Christian principles. Too often we Christians expound lofty ideals but don't do anything about them. Love INC does. 

The ministry goes about its business in a carefully conceived, systematic way. The small staff, augmented by many volunteers, engages local churches and organizations to address specific needs in the community. When a need becomes known, word goes out through the network to find someone who can fill that need. No money changes hands. Recipients are reminded that the motive underlying the ministry is to show the love of Christ.

   There are many worthy efforts around that are designed to help people in need, but no other that I know of that uses Love INC's unique system. It's a new concept, but it works! So I am proud to be a regular supporter. How about you?"

- Bob W. - 

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